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Tsavorit Green Granat-RARE RARE RARE ⚝⚝⚝

Tsavorit is a very rare green granat found only in Tanzania, it grows where Tanzanit is found.
Tsavorit rocks are impossible to find more bigger then 5 cm and very expensive.
To make one necklace it requires many stones and lot of time.
Not guarantee the delivery.

The ‘Infinite Earth', brings forth connection to Mother Earth, Tsavorite is filled with life force energy for the benefit of all beings.   

Garnet overall is a grounded stone. It knows its journey well and helps its keeper deeply. A stone that continually moves forwards, adjusting and shifting its energy accordingly with Mother Earth. With an eternally positive output and a destination of light, Garnet is a medicine box, a book of teaching, a hand of hope. In its numerous forms its offerings do often differ, yet follow the same undertones.   

Tsarvorite holds deep healing and cleansing energies that resonate well with each of the bodies energy centres. This offering can be used to flush out any potentially harmful build up within the minor and major centres and is especially beneficial to the Heart centre, helping to clear blockage and create love for the self and for others.

This stone has a strong and ever deepening connection to the environment and nature. Tsarvorite encourages the being to be more open to Mother Earth's vibrations, to gain connection to the great source of life and energy that human kind so often forget lays beneath, and around all in physical existence.

Also a stone that helps positive manifestation to take place, attracts prosperity, and brings the enchantment from dreams to life. 

Alongside this, Tsavorite is a wonderful stone to use in chanting and meditation for healing and connecting with Mother Earth.   

Tsavorite is beneficial for new ventures, not only as a protection talisman, but also as a help in creation. This stone can be stored with ideas for the future, which can be awoken with the call of its keeper.

A stone that awakens the spirit and the heart, helping the being on spiritual journeys, whilst offering insight and guidance into many age old wonders and questions human kind continue to put out into the universe.

Tsarvorite helps the body in a major healing processes; it is beneficial to the Heart, kidneys, liver, lymph glands, sinuses and immune system, also helping to clear out any toxin, poison or virus within the body, as well as being helpful in the clearing of skin inflammation, including Acne.

Tsavorite can also help in the clearing and healing process from bites and stings associated with insects of all kinds. A stone to also help alongside treatments to clear out poison from the bloodstream and wounds caused from snake bites, and also help as a health and energy boost.

Another special offering of Tsavorite, is that this stone can be infused with universal wisdom and then be placed in a chosen sacred area, so that over time this stone may be found again and the wisdom sought for many generations.

Katie Jacqueline - April 2009




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