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Dream catcher from Peru

Meaning of a dream catcher
According to the American Indian dream catcher captures the good dreams and bad dreams are blown away. He should be hung in the room where the question is asleep, preferably near a window or door in order to ensure the best possible sleep, and subsequently the waking state.
Dream catcher but also serves as an amulet that protects against negative energy and can be worn at all times for good luck.
Each part has its talisman význam.Kamínek middle of the mesh shows the "self" of man, which is to be protected in particular against negative energy. Circle dream catcher is a world and universe that protects the stone (ie self of man). It is the first obstacle for the negative energy and negative circle holds vlnění.Peříčka, which are tied to the ring capture cosmic energy and dreams that filter. Bad dreams and negative energy is absorbed and good dreams and positive energy are transferred into the net. If it gets still only a negative energy to the grid, there is still caught. According to the Indians here, a negative energy in the network captures, strays and can not find the path to the grit in the middle (ie a human). Symmetry networks symbolizes harmony.




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