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Crystal Skull energized from ancient crystal skull SHA NA RA

The crystal skull Sha Na Ra, named for a Shaman Guide, is made of clear quartz. It has the unusual distinction of having been discovered in an actual archeological dig in Mexico - providing further credibility to its status as a truly ancient crystal skull.
ShaNaRa was located using "psychic archeology", which means that the location of the find was pinpointed by intuitive guidance. It is interesting to note that many of the present caretakers, particularly of ancient crystal skulls, had some sort of premonition, dream or insight, as if the crystal skull was acting as some kind of beacon, beckoning them to it.
A professor of parapsychology and pioneer in crystal skull research, F.R. "Nick" Nocerino was in the Guererro province of Central Mexico in 1995 when he was asked to use his paranormal powers to pinpoint locations where artifacts would be found. The story as he explained it on national British Television goes as follows:
Sha Na Ra is one of the few crystal skulls that has been scientifically examined and proven to be truly ancient. Sha Na Ra and the crystal skull Max were examined at the British Museum at the same time that the Smithsonian Crystal Skull and the British Museum Skull were determined to be modern "fakes" (as the curator of the Smithsonian calls them) because of modern tool marks found on those skulls - no such tool marks were found on either Sha Na Ra or Max, affirming that they are truly ancient. Sha Na Ra is one of the most important crystal skulls in the world today.
F.R. “Nick” Nocerino founded the Crystal Skulls Society International in 1949, and is considered to be the grandfather of crystal skull research. Nick worked extensively with SHA NA RA, which has also been with most of the known ancient crystal skulls in the world.




  • Lebka/Skull/Schädel Křistál/Crystal duhá/rainbow extra SHA NA RA 10cm

    Lebka/Skull/Schädel Křistál/Crystal duhá/rainbow extra SHA NA RA 10cm
    Lebka/Skull/Schädel Křistál/Crystal duhá/rainbow extra SHA NA RA 10cm
    Velmi speciální lebka energizovany od jedno Staře lebku Sha NA RA od Guatemala,aktualni majitel paní Michele Nocerino od California,USA. Bývali majitel bilo jeji otec pan Nick Nocerino,velmi znamy odborník od Křišťál a Křišťálová lebka. Pro poprve mame skladem lebka energizovany od Sha Na Ra je od muj přitel privátní kolekce na prodej. Je možné podivat s spolů meditovat na obchod v Hradec Krá
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