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Cryolite -Rarity




  • Very Rare Cryolite Greenland stone-30mm

    Very Rare Cryolite Greenland stone-30mm
    Very Rare Cryolite Greenland stone-30mm
    Cryolite is a quite amazing high vibration crystal that energizes the brain and produces a strong mind-heart link, creating a deep connection to the higher realms and to Spirit. A powerful stone for lightbody awakening, ascension and enlightenment, and for connecting with angels and beings in the higher realms. This stone has a delightful heart based vibration yet it is quite intense and may create deep spiritual growth. It has a strong vibration within all of the chakras, and this flow of light will move throughout the body, and at the base chakra may stimulate kundalini activation. This stone is available maybe upon pre order. Thank you
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