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Crystal Overview:
Crocoite is a stone with a strong vibration that energizes your whole system, When placed on the heart it sends its energy down through your base/root chakra and up through your chakra, allowing you to connect spiritually while at the same time keeping you grounded and cleansing ALL your chakras. Because of this unique attribute it is used by many as an incredibly strong meditation stone. 
Crocoite also helps you to open yourself to love and compassion, and aids you to make changes, without stress. It assist you to feel quite confident and certain about your actions and drives passion into anything you have your attention one. This also makes it a great gemstone for relationships. As most orange and red gemstones it stimulates passionate love making but as this is such a high vibrational stone it only has to be placed in the bedroom to bring this desires effect.

Healing Properties:
Physically, Crocoite us used in treatment of infertility, as well as assisting with the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

From Russia.





  • Crocoite Křemen,Specialny

    Crocoite Křemen,Specialny
    Crocoite Křemen,Specialny
    First time available this kind crystal crocoite ,rare one. For all gem stone lovers. Poprvé je k dispozici tento křišťálový křišťál, který je vzácný. Pro všechny milovníky drahokamů. Velikost/size 5cmx4,5cm. Vahy/weight 42g Původ země Rusko.
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