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Ametrin-Amethyst with Citrine-Rare ⚝

The Ametrine Gemstone is a mixture of Amethyst Crystals and Citrine Crystals. It carries the energy of both of the other stones, and is a harmonious blend of their energies.

This lovely stone embodies the energy of the above quartz crystals, to enhance mental and spiritual clarity, while uniting masculine and feminine energies.

As it is a type of quartz it will amplify the energy of the vibration of both of the stones that it is made up of.

Its healing energy releases negativity from within the aura... and it aids weight loss and helps you to release your addictions. If are studying, the Citrine energy within this stone helps you to stay focused... as well as using the Amethyst vibration within it... the higher energies of the crown chakra.... for inspiration.

Rare to find Ametrin : Heart, Pyramid, Eggs,Necklace, Bracelet.




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