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Purple Amethyst has been highly esteemed throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to stimulate, and soothe, the mind and emotions. It is a semi-precious stone in today’s classifications, but to the ancients it was a “Gem of Fire,” a Precious Stone worth, at times in history, as much as a Diamond. It has always been associated with February, the month the Romans dedicated to Neptune, their water-god, and is the traditional birthstone of that month. It is the stone of St. Valentine and faithful love, and signifies ecclesiastical dignity as the Bishop’s Stone. It carries the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality, yet bears the logic of temperance and sobriety. [Fernie, 170-171][Mella, 73][Eason, 212]

Whether its crystals are left natural, polished as tumblestones, or faceted into magnificent jewels, Amethyst is a gem whose beauty transcends its commonality. It is a variety of Quartz found in many locations around the world, and forms as transparent, terminated crystals of all sizes in geodes, clusters and as long single terminations. It is also found in vitreous masses and polished into wonderful specimens and personal talismans. The presence of manganese in clear Quartz produces Amethyst, while additional amounts of iron vary the purple coloration. Amethyst ranges in hue from pale red-violet to deep violet, and may be transparent or opaque. It is sometimes layered with white Quartz as Chevron Amethyst, found in combination with Cacoxenite, mixed with Citrine as Ametrine, or in rare cases, “rutilated” with Goethite. (See paragraphs below.) [Melody, 109][Hall, 53]

The name Amethyst derives from the Greek word ametusthos, meaning “not intoxicated,” and comes from an ancient legend. The wine god Bacchus, angry over an insult and determined to avenge himself decreed the first person he should meet would be devoured by his tigers. The unfortunate mortal happened to be a beautiful maiden named Amethyst on her way to worship at the shrine of Diana. As the ferocious beasts sprang, she sought the protection of the goddess and was saved by being turned into a clear, white crystal. Bacchus, regretting his cruelty, poured the juice of his grapes over the stone as an offering, giving the gem its lovely purple hue. [Megemont, 24][Kunz, 58-59][Simmons, 28] (See the Legends and Lore section for an alternate version.)

Throughout history the special virtue of Amethyst has been that of preventing drunkenness and overindulgence. Ancient Greeks and Romans routinely studded their goblets with Amethyst believing wine drunk from an Amethyst cup was powerless to intoxicate, and a stone worn on the body, especially at the navel, had a sobering effect, not only for inebriation but in over-zealousness in passion. Catholic bishops also wore Amethyst in a ring to protect from mystical intoxication. Kissing the ring kept others from similar mystical intoxication and kept them grounded in spiritual thought.


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Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Rijen/October 2020    

Přivešek/Anhänger/Pendat střibro/silver/Hnědy Safir Vzácny/Brown Saphire Rare 


Přivešek střibro/Pendant in Silver Rubin/Ruby  


Přivešek střibro/Pendant in Silver/Silber Tyrkys Pravý/ True Turquoise 

Přivešek střibro/Pendant in Silver/Silber Zelený Kyanite/Green  

Přivešek střibro Chrzokol/Chrysocolla 4cm 




Lebka/Skull/Schädel Křistál/Crystal /Berg Kristal cistiho od Indie/Clear Quartz from India 

Lebka/Skull/Schädel /černy/Black/Turmalin Tourmaline XL 11cm


Lebka,Skull,Schädel Bláznivý Krajka Červeny Achát /Red Crazy Lace Agate XL 9cm 


Lebka,Skull,Schädel Safír/Saphire Vzácny/Rare 6cm 


Libyen Tektite Vzácny Vzácny 


Drak/Dragon/Drache Jahoda Křistál/Strawberry Quartz 5cm 

Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Zaři/September 2020    

Křistál/Crystal/Berg Kristall 7cm-⚝Zvuk-⚝ 


Lebka,Skull,Schädel ,Rodhocrosite mini/maly 2.5cm 


Náramek/Bangle/Armband Morganite s Akvamarin/Aquamarine Extra 

Lebka/Skull/Schädel Malachite XL 8cm 


Křistál Lemursky ,velky/ big one 12,5cm 


Křistál Lemursky ,velky/ big one extra /duha /Rainbows 12cm 


Lebka/Skull/Schädel Křistál/Crystal s Chloride/8cm 


Lebka/Skull/Schädel Zahněda Křistál /Smokey quartz 10cm Extra Cisty/Clear 


Koule /Sphere /Kugel Chalcedon/Blue Lace Chalcedon Extra 7,5cm 

Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Srpen/August 2020    

Lebka/Skull/Schädel Zeleny/Green Aventurine 9cm 


Lebka/Skull/Schädel Měšicni kámen/Moon stone 


Lebka/Skull/Schädel Červeny Jaspis 


Náramek/Bangle/Armband Lava 


Lebka Křistál/ Crystal Skull /Kristal Schädel XL 10cm 
Einstein Energy 


Lebka/Skull/Schädel Fluorite 8.5cm
Einstein Energy

Zahněda spitze leštěni/Smokey quartz point 11cm 


Lebka/Skull Nuummite s Granat 6cm 


Lebka/Skull Zahněda Křistál Brazilsky 10cm 


Lebka/Skull Realistic Růženínu 2 kg 


Srdce Chrysoprase

Lebka černy Turmalin   





Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Červenec/July 2020    

Preseli Blue Stone Plochy/Flat/Handschm


Labradorite Leštěni /Polished Extra XXXL 20cm 


Drak/Dragon/Drache Modry Obsidian Sklo  


Lebka/Skull/Schädel Smaragd de Vulcano   

Křišťálové lebky energetizovány od starověké lebky Einstein  



Lapis Lazuli Koule/Sphere Velky/Big  




Citrine Vzacny přirodni Zambie


Přivešek/Anhänger/Pendat střibro/silver/Indigolite 


Přivešek/Anhänger/Pendat střibro/silver/Shattuckite 


Larimar střibro přívěšek 


Přivešek Střibro sůrovy extra Chromediopside 5cm 

Lebka Červeny Jaspis 


Drak,Dragon,Drache Billy,White,Jadeid,Jade 


Drak/Dragon/Drache Velky XXL Apatite  


Lebka/Skull/Schädel Mookaite Jaspis/Jasper 

Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Červen/June 2020    


Larimar Náramek/Bangle/Armband 

Přirodni,Natural Citrine Quartz od Kongo,Zambie

Přirodni,Natural Citrine Quartz od Brazilie

Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Květen/May 2020    



Pyrite slunce/Sun Disk 8cm 

Křistál Enyhdro s Voda inkluse Dvojité Zakončení Křistál /Double Terminated Crystal Enyhdro with water inclusion 


Dvojité Zakončení Křistál /Double Terminated Crystal 2cm 

    Drak,Dragon,Drache Que Sera-Llanite,Liberite 8cm 


        Křistál Amphibole/Crystal Amphibole Zluta a Červená 


          Lebka/Skull/Schädel Masků/Mask Elestial Křistál/Crystal/Bergkristall od řezbar znamy Syna Igor de Souza,Brazilie. 

          Tyrkys ,Turquoise,Turkiese právý od Kingman Arizona,USA 

          Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Dubna/April 2020    


          Křistál /Crystal/Bergkristall 14cm  



          Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Prosinec/December.    

          Zahněda s rutil/ Smokey with Rutil quartz Spitze/Point 16cm 


          Ametist/Amethyst Geoda Uruguay velky/big one 15cm 


          Ametist/Amethyst spitze 20cm


          Dvojčata křemen Křistál 21 cm 


          Zahněda Křistál drůza 


          Zahněda s Rutil Spitze 

          Velky Křistál Spitze půl lestěni 19,5 kg 


          Drak/Dragon/Drache Zahněda křistál/Smokey quartz/Rauch quartz/Velky Extra /Big One 15cm 

          Drak/Dragon/Drache Amethyst velky/big one 12cm



          Tyrkys ,Turquoise-3,5 cm- Tibet-vrtany/drilled/gebohren

          Skull/Schädel Amethyst
          t tvar Indian/Indian head carving in Amethyst/Indianer Hauptling Kopf Amethyst XL 10cm

          Jaspis ozeán koule velky  

          Koule,Sphere,Kugel Slunečni kámen

          Ametist drůza květina  

          Velky Ciriho Křistál dvasobni s inkluse Mica specialni,vahy 1,1 KG  

          Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Rijen/September   

          Pyrite Druze



          Lebka ,Skull,Schädel šungite/schungite 4cm  


          • Lebka,Skull,Schädel ,Billy/White/Weisser,Jade/Jadeid/Velky/big one 10cm  
          • Zahněda Křistál/Smokey quatz/Rauch Quartz Spitze  
          • Křistál s Lithium s Lepidolite vzácny       Vzácny /RARE od Brazilie    
          • Pro privny skladem Vily Kalcite speciálny Vzácny od Kanada /First time available Fairy Calcite RARE from Canada/ Erste mahl in Angebot Fee Kalcite seltenheit aus Kanada   
          • Moqui Marbles Indianski Koule kámen od Utah,USA/Moqui Marbles pairs Native american magickal spheres from Utah,USA  
          • Velky Křistál extra sůrovy od 15 cm od Brazilie  
          • Large natural crystal points size from 15 cm from Brazil  
          • Grosses Berg Kristal grösse von 15 cm aus Brazilien.  
          Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu Dubna/April   

          Tibetsky Misy,Gong,Vonne tičinky ,čaj od Nepalů 100 kg cargo.    

          H  ave arrived more then 100 kg goods different sizes singing bowls ,gong ,incense burner,incense sandal wood,teas Tulsi,Black and Green from Nepal.   
          Next week will be posted more of the different singing bowls.   

          Tibetsky Misy/Singing Bowls/Klangschalen 


          Křistállovy lebek energizovany od starova lebka Synergy majitel pani Sherry Whitfield od Arizona,USA.    
          The Month of April have arrived 50 kg stone carving heads different stones,size crystal skulls energized by ancient crystal skull known as Synergy,present keeper Mrs.Sherry Whitfield from Arizona,USA. 

          Jantar Rek/Amber rek/Bernstein Rek Lebek/Skulls/Schädel

          Pyrite Lebka/Skulls/Schädel 

          Jantar Rek/Amber rek/Bernstein Rek Lebek/Skulls/Schädel  

          Křistállovy lebek energizovany od starova lebka Einstein majitel pani Carolyn Ford od Arizona,USA.    

          The Month of April have arrived carving heads different stones,size crystal skulls energized by ancient crystal skull known as Einstein present keeper Mrs.Carolyn Ford from Arizona,USA.
          Citrine Lebek,Skulls,Schädel. Einstein Energie  
          Larimar Einstein Energie  

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