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Vily Kalcite/Fairy Calcite 3cm

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    Vily Kalcite/Fairy Calcite 3cm
    FIrst time available Fairy Calcite.
    I have been waiting many years to get any of those,very hard to get,found only in one place in the world in Canada inside a lake in Quebec.
    Fairy calcite has been used as talisman by native american since centuries ,for wearing while traveling,protection,good sleep .
    Native american used carry fairy calcite when they went hunting and fishing.
    Fairy calcite has Connection with mother energy from mother earth, nurturing,self love,grounding energy.
    Fairy calcite it is calming stones and helps in hard times to overcome.
    Fairy calcite radiates happiness.
    Fairy calcite helps heal traumas and pain in a gentle way to release.
    Fairy calcite are naturaly formed like this,they look like biscuit.
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