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The Chrysanthemum Stone, or “Flower Stone,” is a beautiful and unexpected gift from Mother Earth, a symbol of optimism and joy, named for its near perfect representation of this cheerful flower. The contrast of the white to silver-gray flowers against a solid black matrix makes this stone appealing as much for its aesthetic beauty as its ability to provide a calm, reflective energy that invites one to savor each moment before it has passed. The Chrysanthemum Stone is known for integrating change and harmony, and lending the knowledge of how the two work together to help one “bloom” and progress on the path to the perfect Self. It ameliorates negative mindsets and strengthens one’s character, while enhancing compatibility with others and the renewal of relationships. [Melody, 202][Hall, 109]

Chrysanthemum Stone was formed from geological changes in the Permian age of the Paleozoic era, 248 to 290 million years ago, from high temperatures and the compression of thick layers of organic-rich mud at the bottom of the sea. As strontium sulphate (Celestite) and calcium carbonate (Calcite) oozed into the mix, continued pressure and deposition allowed spectacular radial lath-like crystals to form that remained as flower patterns. These “flower” crystals consist of Celestite, Calcite, Feldspar or Andalusite, while the black, or sometimes brown, base rock of Chrysanthemum Stone is comprised of Dolomite, Gypsum clay, Limestone or Porphyry. The stone may naturally expose the flower, though marketed specimens are often highlighted by selective painting of the black matrix with a dye to accentuate the pattern, or it may be carved away or sandblasted for emphasis. The host stone may then be smoothed or polished to give it a more finished look. None of these processes affect the metaphysical properties within the stone. [www.crystalcaves.com/au][Melody, 201][Simmons, 110][www.mindat.org][www.hgms.org]

Called the “Stone of Wealth and Honor” by the Chinese people for centuries, Chrysanthemum Stone is the official symbol of the Chinese Imperial family. Some sources claim it was originally found in Japan, while others say it was first discovered in China. Nevertheless, it is found in both countries, as well as in Canada and the USA. Over the years, artisans have carved large specimens into incredibly complex shapes to depict trees of sprays of flowers. [Melody, 202][Simmons, 110][www.crystalcaves.com/au][originstones.com]

To receive the wonderful benefits of Chrysanthemum Stone, wear it in jewelry, carry as pocket stones or simply place it in one’s environment. It may be used as an elixir, but should only be prepared by the indirect method to protect the flower. Some of its minerals may dissolve in prolonged exposure to water.

Found only in China.

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Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Leden/January 2021    

Čaroit/Charoite extra oval cabochon/kabošon  

K2 od Hora Himalajski K2 Pakistan- Azurite s Granit     

Rubin/Ruby Dodecahedron Record Keeper 


Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Prosinec/December 2020    



Růzovy/Pink Kalcite/Calcite  


Srdce/Heart/Herz Karibisky Kalcite/Carribean Calcite  

Lapis Lazuli Obelisk/Věz /Tower 17-18cm 


Křistál /Crystal/Bergkristall Obelisk/Věz /Tower 18/19cm velky/big one EXTRA Cista/Clear 

Thulite-Červeny/Red Zoisite  


Jet/Gagat Plochy/Soap stone/Handschmeilcher Stein 




Pietersite Sokoli s Tigři oko a jaspis kámen specialni/Hawk eyes with Tiger eyes 

Opal Modry -Zelený-Růzovy sůrovy/Green - Blue ,Pink Opal rough

Kunzite od Pakistan,Skardu udolí    



Topaz sůrovy od Pakistan,Skardu udolí 


Karibský Kalcite/Caribbean Calcite  

Koule /Sphere/Kugel Křistál Zahrada/Crystal Garden Lodolith  


Čaroite /Charoite Koule/Sphere/Kugel 

Lebka/Skull/Schädel Růženínu ,Rose quartz Skull

Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Listopad/November 2020    

Larimar Modry/Blue Pectolite střibro/silver přívěšek 


Lebka,Skull,Schädel Obsidian Zlato/Střibro Lesk/Sheen


Lebka/Skull/Schädel Jaspis/Jasper Mookaite/Mook  

    Srdce/Heart/Herz lapis lazuli  


      Lebka/Skull/Schädel Jadeid/Nephrite Velky Extra /Big one 20cm 

      Lebka/Skull/Schädel Lepidolite 8cm 

      Lebka/Skull/Schädel Zeleny/Green Aventurine

      Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Rijen/October 2020    

      Přivešek/Anhänger/Pendat střibro/silver/Hnědy Safir Vzácny/Brown Saphire Rare 


      Přivešek střibro/Pendant in Silver Rubin/Ruby  


      Přivešek střibro/Pendant in Silver/Silber Tyrkys Pravý/ True Turquoise 

      Přivešek střibro/Pendant in Silver/Silber Zelený Kyanite/Green  

      Přivešek střibro Chrzokol/Chrysocolla 4cm 




      Lebka/Skull/Schädel Křistál/Crystal /Berg Kristal cistiho od Indie/Clear Quartz from India 

      Lebka/Skull/Schädel /černy/Black/Turmalin Tourmaline XL 11cm


      Lebka,Skull,Schädel Bláznivý Krajka Červeny Achát /Red Crazy Lace Agate XL 9cm 




      Libyen Tektite Vzácny Vzácny 


      Drak/Dragon/Drache Jahoda Křistál/Strawberry Quartz 5cm 

      Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Zaři/September 2020    

      Křistál/Crystal/Berg Kristall 7cm-⚝Zvuk-⚝ 


      Lebka/Skull/Schädel Malachite XL 8cm 


      Křistál Lemursky ,velky/ big one 12,5cm 


      Křistál Lemursky ,velky/ big one extra /duha /Rainbows 12cm 


      Lebka/Skull/Schädel Křistál/Crystal s Chloride/8cm 


      Lebka/Skull/Schädel Zahněda Křistál /Smokey quartz 10cm Extra Cisty/Clear 


      Koule /Sphere /Kugel Chalcedon/Blue Lace Chalcedon Extra 7,5cm 

      Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Srpen/August 2020    


      Lebka/Skull/Schädel Měšicni kámen/Moon stone 


      Náramek/Bangle/Armband Lava 


      Lebka Křistál/ Crystal Skull /Kristal Schädel XL 10cm 
      Einstein Energy 


      Lebka/Skull/Schädel Fluorite 8.5cm
      Einstein Energy

      Zahněda spitze leštěni/Smokey quartz point 11cm 


      Lebka/Skull Nuummite s Granat 6cm 


      Lebka/Skull Zahněda Křistál Brazilsky 10cm 


      Srdce Chrysoprase





      Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Červenec/July 2020    

      Preseli Blue Stone Plochy/Flat/Handschm


      Labradorite Leštěni /Polished Extra XXXL 20cm 


      Lebka/Skull/Schädel Smaragd de Vulcano   

      Křišťálové lebky energetizovány od starověké lebky Einstein  



      Lapis Lazuli Koule/Sphere Velky/Big  




      Citrine Vzacny přirodni Zambie


      Přivešek/Anhänger/Pendat střibro/silver/Indigolite 


      Přivešek/Anhänger/Pendat střibro/silver/Shattuckite 


      Larimar střibro přívěšek 


      Přivešek Střibro sůrovy extra Chromediopside 5cm 

      Drak,Dragon,Drache Billy,White,Jadeid,Jade 


      Drak/Dragon/Drache Velky XXL Apatite  


      Lebka/Skull/Schädel Mookaite Jaspis/Jasper 

      Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Červen/June 2020    

      Přirodni,Natural Citrine Quartz od Kongo,Zambie

      Přirodni,Natural Citrine Quartz od Brazilie

      Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Květen/May 2020    



      Pyrite slunce/Sun Disk 8cm 

      Křistál Enyhdro s Voda inkluse Dvojité Zakončení Křistál /Double Terminated Crystal Enyhdro with water inclusion 


      Dvojité Zakončení Křistál /Double Terminated Crystal 2cm 

        Drak,Dragon,Drache Que Sera-Llanite,Liberite 8cm 


            Křistál Amphibole/Crystal Amphibole Zluta a Červená 


              Lebka/Skull/Schädel Masků/Mask Elestial Křistál/Crystal/Bergkristall od řezbar znamy Syna Igor de Souza,Brazilie. 

              Tyrkys ,Turquoise,Turkiese právý od Kingman Arizona,USA 

              Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Dubna/April 2020    


              Křistál /Crystal/Bergkristall 14cm  



              Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Prosinec/December.    

              Zahněda s rutil/ Smokey with Rutil quartz Spitze/Point 16cm 


              Ametist/Amethyst Geoda Uruguay velky/big one 15cm 


              Ametist/Amethyst spitze 20cm


              Dvojčata křemen Křistál 21 cm 



              Zahněda s Rutil Spitze 


              Drak/Dragon/Drache Zahněda křistál/Smokey quartz/Rauch quartz/Velky Extra /Big One 15cm 

              Drak/Dragon/Drache Amethyst velky/big one 12cm



              Tyrkys ,Turquoise-3,5 cm- Tibet-vrtany/drilled/gebohren

              Skull/Schädel Amethyst
              t tvar Indian/Indian head carving in Amethyst/Indianer Hauptling Kopf Amethyst XL 10cm

              Jaspis ozeán koule velky  

              Koule,Sphere,Kugel Slunečni kámen

              Ametist drůza květina  

              Velky Ciriho Křistál dvasobni s inkluse Mica specialni,vahy 1,1 KG  

              Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu auf lager Rijen/September   

              Pyrite Druze



              Lebka ,Skull,Schädel šungite/schungite 4cm  


              • Lebka,Skull,Schädel ,Billy/White/Weisser,Jade/Jadeid/Velky/big one 10cm  
              • Zahněda Křistál/Smokey quatz/Rauch Quartz Spitze  
              • Křistál s Lithium s Lepidolite vzácny       Vzácny /RARE od Brazilie    
              • Pro privny skladem Vily Kalcite speciálny Vzácny od Kanada /First time available Fairy Calcite RARE from Canada/ Erste mahl in Angebot Fee Kalcite seltenheit aus Kanada   
              • Moqui Marbles Indianski Koule kámen od Utah,USA/Moqui Marbles pairs Native american magickal spheres from Utah,USA  
              • Velky Křistál extra sůrovy od 15 cm od Brazilie  
              • Large natural crystal points size from 15 cm from Brazil  
              • Grosses Berg Kristal grösse von 15 cm aus Brazilien.  
              Novy skladem /New in stock/Neu Dubna/April   

              Tibetsky Misy,Gong,Vonne tičinky ,čaj od Nepalů 100 kg cargo.    

              H  ave arrived more then 100 kg goods different sizes singing bowls ,gong ,incense burner,incense sandal wood,teas Tulsi,Black and Green from Nepal.   
              Next week will be posted more of the different singing bowls.   

              Tibetsky Misy/Singing Bowls/Klangschalen 


              Křistállovy lebek energizovany od starova lebka Synergy majitel pani Sherry Whitfield od Arizona,USA.    
              The Month of April have arrived 50 kg stone carving heads different stones,size crystal skulls energized by ancient crystal skull known as Synergy,present keeper Mrs.Sherry Whitfield from Arizona,USA. 

              Jantar Rek/Amber rek/Bernstein Rek Lebek/Skulls/Schädel

              Pyrite Lebka/Skulls/Schädel 

              Jantar Rek/Amber rek/Bernstein Rek Lebek/Skulls/Schädel  

              Křistállovy lebek energizovany od starova lebka Einstein majitel pani Carolyn Ford od Arizona,USA.    

              The Month of April have arrived carving heads different stones,size crystal skulls energized by ancient crystal skull known as Einstein present keeper Mrs.Carolyn Ford from Arizona,USA.
              Citrine Lebek,Skulls,Schädel. Einstein Energie  
              Larimar Einstein Energie  

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